443: Kicking It With Struggle Guru – Kirsten Beverly Waters

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, but it can be if you decide, “Life is just a constant struggle!” However, if you leverage the low moments of life and make them your friend, then the struggles become the powerful lessons that get you where you want to go and desire, regardless of whether that is coming out of the closet, getting fit, of finding your just right path life.

Kirsten Beverley-Waters takes us on a journey of going into the arena with struggling and how she uses it to guide her next best steps for success in all aspects of her life.

About Kirsten

Kirsten Beverley-Waters is a Yoga Medicine teacher, fitness coach, author, and motivational speaker.  Through her unique approach to teaching movement, Kirsten has built a reputation for helping others to find their sacred body and soul connection.  When it comes to defining the heights of her career, Kirsten credits the low moments in her life with enabling her to find her voice and harness her powers.  Like many, Kirsten’s past has been punctuated with seemingly insurmountable challenges unique to her own journey, that ultimately provided her with a landscape for success.

In her new book STRUGGLE GURU (September 1, 2020 / US$14.99), Kirsten dives deep into an exploration of personal experience and how our individual stories and struggles help shape our biology, giving breath to our individual superpowers. Kirsten credits the low moments in her life with enabling her to find her voice and harness her powers. Her strategy helps people optimize their sense of self through the lens of mental wellness, whole body health, and spiritual grounding. Part instruction guide, part field guide to self-optimization, the book features chapters that simply beg to be read including:

  • Uniquely Unqualified
  • A Bad Case of Authenticity
  • Swipe Right, Dodge Left, Stuck Center
  • Humble Pie is Making Me Fat
  • The White Rabbit of Struggle

With the Kirsten’s expert guidance, everybody will find their hidden superpower for overcoming struggle tucked in among these pages. She has shared her work and in been featured in publications such as Shape Magazine, Maine Women’s Magazine, the Daily Burn, Yoga Medicine, Misadventures Magazine, Strategic Athlete, The Outbound Collective, and Yoga World. She is available to interview at almost any time.

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