566: The Authenticity of Multiple Coming Out Journeys – Ember Swift

From out activist to living in anti-lgbtq China, this musical artist found a way to explore the truth of universal love and doing her own reverse coming out on so many fronts. Ember Swift, singer, songwriter and international artist reveals the power of queerness and staying true to yourself without apologies, even in the face of fears.

About Ember

Ember Swift is a Canadian original artist, musician, songwriter and performer with 13 original albums and countless international tours under her musical belt across the last 25 years.

She is also queer-identified, straight-marriage-divorced, the mother of two kids, an active writer, part-time vocal coach and music-creation instructor, a hobbyist figure skater and a damn good self-described “culinary engineer” of soups and biscuits.

Based in Beijing, China since 2008, this Canadian artist, fluent in Mandarin as well as French, is an active performer throughout China with her own eclectic blend of original pop music that consistently pays tribute to jazz, folk and rock among other styles. Her China fan base has especially expanded since the pandemic as international travels have been more restricted. 2023 will hopefully see Ember’s return to fans back in North America, Australia and Europe.

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