621: Jeza Belle – The Truth About Being Gay, Christian, and a Drag Queen

Shocking as it might sound, you can be gay, Christian, a drag queen and to write the 1st traditionally published Christian Devotional as a Drag Queen – Hallelujah! Speaking her truth, Jeza Belle shares Jeza’s Jesus Juice: A Drag Queens Christian Devotional for all to consume. Cause who couldn’t use a little good in their life?

About Jeza

Jeza Belle is a Drag Queen, Comedian, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, and Award-Winning Author. With her guest articles appearing everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Advocate, her former celebrity interview column, the hilarious comedic variety live shows, and her multiple award-winning trashy cookbook “The Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails,” Jeza’s wry humor and highly-charged opinions have delighted people around the globe.

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